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  • Residential - Home Category 6 network Wokingham Binfield area
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Residential - Home Category 6 network Wokingham Binfield area

Case Study

January 2014 - Home network cabling Berkshire

We have completed this month a Category 6 network installation at a house on the borders of Wokingham and Binfield

Our customer required us to install external grade Cat 6 cables around the main house being careful to hide the cables, a requirment was to cut all the backboxes flush into the walls inside to leave a neat finish.

As well as wiring the main house we have also connected two outbuildings with network cabling we have buried small diameter plastic ducts in the ground to help protect the cables.

We selected a space in the loft eaves as the ideal place to mount the patch panel.  This means a Gigabit switch can be located here as well as a Network Attached storage drive ( NAS).  Mounting the patch panel out of the way like this means equipment housed in offices or studies can be easily located out of the way.  

The Category 6 cables we have installed can be used to transport ethernet services around the house at up to 10 GB/s as well as HDBase-T (HDMI Distribution) and traditional voice services.  Wireless access points can also easily be connected to the cabling to improve wireless coverage within the house.

The works took our engineers two days to complete for the main house.