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Surrey, Hampshire, Middlesex, West London & Surrounding areas

Structured LAN Network CablingAt Mr Cable we install and maintain Structured Data Cabling & Network wiring systems to a high standard

Types of cabling include: Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, 6A and beyond;  fibre optics also form a large part of our expertise.

We are experts in designing and installing a quality structured cabling system from the ground up; as well as adding to or altering any elements of an existing building or a campus network cabling system.

We work with clients of all sizes from basic office cabling all the way through to complex data centre and communications room infrastructures.

We undertake cabling installation & maintenance projects in Offices, Shops, Factories, Schools Colleges, Hospitals, Commercial, Industrial & Utility sites as well as domestic properties.

Areas covered Include: Berkshire, Buckinghampshire, Hampshire, London, Middlesex, Surrey, West Sussex

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Structured Data cabling is not just the cables terminated to a patch panel - it's much more than that, and is a concept that extends way beyond the horizontal distribution cabling, desk or work area cabling, see below for more detailed information. 

Structured cabling design and installation is goverened by National, European and International standards - calling a cabling system structured is saying the cabling can support different protocols and services across it and that the topology designed in a hierachial star allowing flexibility, performance and easy expansion where so required.

The Structured cabling system can be broken down into the following elements.

Backbone cabling - inter building internal or external inter linking cabling between wiring centres or comms rooms  - generally high speed high bandwidth fibre optics - can support traditional Telephones connections ADSL, Building management systems CCTV as well as network connectivity.

  • Fibre optic cabing point to point external links
  • Fibre optic - connections between Network devices
  • Telecoms rooms - high speed links in and out plus horizontal distribution wiring

Horizontal cabling - commonly copper to desk tops or works areas, Category's 5e, 6 or 6A, can be fibre optic as well.

Campus cabling - generally long lengths high speed connections - external Copper or optical fibre

Switch links the distribution of switch or equipment ports between cabinets or from a Chassis to patch panels in seperate cabinets can be copper or optical fibre - can be in a Telecoms room or Data centre environment

Telecoms room or Data centres Spaces - usually near the centre of the hierachy, high speed links and critial design desicions need to be made here

Pathways - The cable containment and support systems

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