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Are you struggling to connect to your WIFI Broadband router, experiencing dead spots through your house, slow speeds and reliability issues, complaints from the household ?  Help is at hand, let us take control of your WIFI problems. 

To cut a long story short the further you are away from your Broadband router the slower your WIFI connection becomes, so having multiple devices such as phones and tablets with some working really slowly massively impacts everybody together. 

The solution is to install high speed WIFI access points through your property all wired back to the main Router or Hub. 

Every property is different but most could benefit from having WIFI access points installed. 

How we do it

We generally wire new external grade network cables round the outside of the property keeping distruption and invasive works to a minimum, hiding the cables as best we can to keep the visual impact low.  If you are having refurbishment work completed we can of course wire them internally through the structure of the house.  If you have existing Cat 5e or cat 6 cables that we can make use of thats even easier. 

The WIFI access points are generally wall or ceiling mounted and ideally hidden behind furniture or TV''s. The WIFI access points can be supplied with an ethernet pass through port if you require a fixed conenction as well. 

The enterprise grade system we use is cost effective, very fast, secure and reliable. It can be deployed as a single access point or can be scaled up to almost any size, all controlled, easily managed and automatically upgraded from a single free issued piece of software located on a Mac or PC .

Powering the Access points - Each of the Access points is powered down the network wire so no additional electrical works are required. 

We can provide reliable secure WIFI networks at connection speeds of up to 1Gb/s.

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WIFI Access points Berkshire 

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