We're an Authorised Supplier for BT

Jun 23, 2021

BT Authotised Supplier

As part of our commercial services, we are authorised to place new or renewals orders for BT Telephony and Data services such as: 

  • Business Broadband
  • High speed Fibre optic circuits
  • Hosted Telephony
  • Mobile Communications packages

How it works

  1. We decide on the offer or service required, we will price this up and confirm time-frames.
  2. Enhanced competitive pricing is available for complex or higher value orders.
  3. We then place the service order directly with BT, your contract will be directly with BT
  4. You’ll receive regular meaningful progress updates from us until the service has been delivered.
  5. We keep the process as straightforward as possible, removing jargon, call centres and all that unpleasant stuff.

To find out more please get in touch:

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