Singlemode Fibre Optic

Singlemode Fibre Optic Cables & Systems: OS1 OS2 Installation, Wiring, Maintenance, Testing & Repair

We are specialists in the design, installation, maintenance, testing and repair of single-mode fibre optic cabling systems. Singlemode cabling is most commonly used for longer distance installations where high speeds are required.

Our professional and experienced team has worked in a diverse range of environments such as private estates, schools, offices, factories, industrial, utility sites, data centres and military establishments. We have installed, maintained and repaired many optical links, including helping customers specify single-mode fibre optic backbone connections between campus buildings, telecoms rooms or data centres.

Whatever your need, we can help: we can offer complete solutions, including design packs, consultation, project management, certified test results and as-built drawings. We are able to offer 25-year manufacturer-backed warranties on complete fibre optic solutions.

We undertake a wide variety of installations in Berkshire Hampshire, Surrey and West London. The projects range from small moves and changes to complex solutions, which even include the installation of fibre optic cables to the desktop.

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Single-mode cables are commonly used over longer distances than multimode cables when high speeds are required. They are increasingly becoming used in offices as multimode cables reach their distance-constrained bandwidth limits. Singlemode cables are generally far cheaper than the multimode types.

We test losses along cables, identify where breaks are using OTDR Machines, and certify cable performance.

Our OTDR machines are able to detect the break and accurately direct us to any problems, allowing us to easily and efficiently repair and troubleshoot multimode optical fibre cables.

We have the tools and equipment to inspect and clean the connector faces - restoring, or even improving, connections to their absolute best.

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