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Fibre Optics for IT Telecoms & CCTV Systems: Installation, Maintenance & Repair

If you need an optical fibre cable installing, testing or repairing then we can help.

We install new cables on site, maintain existing systems from any manufacturer or type, repair and re-join damaged cables, plus we can install pre-terminated high-density high-bandwidth solutions for use in data centre environments.

We undertake fibre optic projects throughout the south of England including Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, London, Middlesex, Surrey and West Sussex.

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Did you know?

In simplistic terms bandwidth in Network communications refers to the speed of the equipment, cabling & protocols operating over the combined systems. Higher bandwidth means more speed.

Network communications are measured in Bits per second 1 Gigabit (1Gb/s) is 1 Billion bits per second. Cat 6 and Cat 6A cables support 10Gb/s.

A type of fibre optic cabling used for shorter links OM1 - OM5 support speeds up to 100Gb/s.

A type of fibre optic cabling used for longer links - OS2 can support high speeds at long distances. Significantly cheaper cable than multimode.

Pre-terminated, data-centre-focused cables, very high density optical fibres, can be deployed quickly.

Small form pluggable and is either an LC interface for fibre or an RJ45 for copper. Used on LAN & device hardware. The correct type and speed needs to be specified depending on the cables used. Often used for backbone, equipment, SAN links.

Fibre optic cables are terminated as different types of connectors, the most common one at present is the LC you will find these used on SFP’s. Other types SC, ST, FC MPO.

Cables are generally terminated into patch panels. Patch Panels present the cables in an easy to use way that prevents damage to the fragile glass cores. The patch panels have LC or other types of connectors on them.

Our Experience

We have been involved in all forms of LAN & WAN, Telecoms & CCTV fibre optic cabling systems, from OM1 and OM2 fibre optic cables, to the more recent laser-optimised multi-mode fibre (OM3, OM4 & OM5). Additionally, we have experience in multi-gigabit technology and single-mode long-reach cables, including OS1 & OS2.

Our professional team has worked in a diverse range of environments; such as schools, offices, factories, industrial sites, mission critical data centres, hospitals and military establishments. We undertake a wide variety of installations, ranging from small moves and changes to complex solutions, such as the installation of fibre optic cables to the desktop.

Our engineers use fusion splicers, OTDRs, light source and power meters, as well as certification and inspection equipment. We can repair broken cables on site, polish ends, and inspect and test all forms of optical fibre systems.

Fibre optic cabling systems form the backbone of the IT, Telecom & CCTV cabling system infrastructures of many businesses, so it is important that this system is installed and maintained to the best possible standards.

We can offer complete solutions or just provide engineering resources to help with your project. If you are in any doubt about the quality or performance of your fibre optic cabling please get in touch.

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