IT Cabinet SAN, LAN & WAN Telecoms Room

In October 2014, we completed a complete re-patch and tidy-up of a local software company’s IT Data Centre comms room.

The company had identified that the IT Network, LAN, WAN and SAN racks had become difficult to manage and showing faults.

The physical IT infrastructure required some specialist re-engineering.

IT comms rooms and data centres quite often grow incrementally, so additional infrastructure and equipment that is often installed into racks as a temporary measure becomes permanent.

We have designed and worked in lots of IT comms rooms and data centres. Our experience operating in these environments and spaces will ensure a physical infrastructure that’s fit for purpose for years to come.

These are the patching and tidy-up works which we completed at this site:

  • Category 6 inter-cabinet panel-to-panel link cables to facilitate easy inter-cabinet patching
  • Overhead basket tray between IT racks
  • Installation of cabinet vertical basket trays
  • Redesign of IT rack cabinet layout; moving patch panels and IT ethernet infrastructure to enable similar length patch leads to be used for all network equipment patching
  • Installation of horizontal and vertical patch cable management
  • Out of hours re-patching of LAN and WAN and SAN network equipment
  • Provision of labelled patch leads - helps network administrator identify cables easily when making changes
White Cable

Comments from the IT Manager

"Yep it all went really well, I've shown a few people here the work and everyone has been really impressed, myself included. Really good job so thanks again to you and the lads. Will be in touch if/when we need any further cabling bits done around the building here"

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